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About Afghanistan Network Information Center [ AFGNIC ]

The Afghanistan Network Information Center is a department under ICT Directorate, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. AFGNIC also performs activities for the public, such as oversee the administration of IP address assignment /Registration in Afghanistan through coordination with National Internet Registry of Afghanistan (NIRA).

AFGNIC plays a vital role in the development of Internet infrastructure in Afghanistan by conducting workshops/seminars in different parts of country with the help of National and International experts in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

AFGNIC actively operates a service in which Internet users in Afghanistan can easily participate by making it possible for individual / organizations with preferences in Afghanistan to register domain names. For the benefit of Internet in Afghanistan, AFGNIC also ensures the proper management and activities of the following internet infrastructure related bodies. AfgNIC’s main areas of activity are:



National Internet Registry of Afghanistan (NIRA)

National Internet Registry of Afghanistan (NIRA) is not-for-profit, Government organization responsible for providing the service of allocating and registering Internet resources in Afghanistan.
This entity is responsible to provide registry services in the local language and culture, allowing better services to LIRs (Local Internet Registry) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) requiring Internet resources. Such an Afghan Internet registry will allocate IP address space, autonomous system numbers, and other identifiers that might from time to time be appropriate, maintain databases of registry information, make appropriate views of the databases (for example, DNS, WHOIS, registration of Internet resources) available for query from the database which will be available publicly and tasks to be performed that are expected of registry.

Computer Emergency Response Team of Afghanistan.

Realizing the need for information security and reliability, the AfgNIC (Afghanistan Network Information Centre) calls for establishing a CSIRT namely AfCERT (Afghanistan Cyber Emergency Response Team) in Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The aim of establishing AfCERT is to develop a common understanding among all stakeholders on the nature and implementation of information security measures in Afghanistan. AfCERT can conduct a rapid response to contain computer security incident and recover from it.



Afghanistan’s name in Cyber Space or the Internet is .AF (Dot AF), which is the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Network Information Center (AFGNIC) was incorporated on 1st January 2003, to carry out .AF ccTLD domain name registration and management, and to undertake operation of the domain name system. AFGNIC manages and administers .AF Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in a fair and neutral manner.


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